Personnel Tracking


Remote and Lone Workers

If your business requires sending workers into remote locations, Bluefox Tracking offers peace of mind with full solution deployment to ensure effective communication and safety. Satellite and GPS based devices allow workers to stay in touch and ask for help where cell phone coverage is poor or non-existent - all with the push of a button.

  • Check-in: let contacts know where you are and that you are okay
  • Custom Message: send a message to family and friends
  • Help/SPOT Assist
  • Panic Alarm: Notify emergency rescue
  • Track Progress: send and save your location and allow contacts to track your progress in real time

Bluefox Event Notifications

The event Notifications screen allows a company to setup users to receive email notifications on button push events from the SPOT2 devices. All events appear in the personnel activity reports as well. Please note that although the system will send email notifications on the push of the SOS button, all SOS events are routed to GEOS as per normal operations of the SPOT devices.



Personnel Activity Reports

Personnel activity reports are also available and provide details on when users have initiated events such as check-in, request help and SOS.




SPOT Gen4 is the latest version of the satellite GPS messenger from Globalstar. Operating on the Globalstar satellite network, this device allows remote (beyond cellular coverage) workers to communicate with safety/logistical teams within their organization. Easy-to-use buttons on the device allow lone-workers to: request 911 services, request basic assistance, check-in with their location and also track their movements for a 24-hour period.


Connect. Rescue. Track.

Who can benefit?

  • Oil & Gas Organizations
  • Natural Resource CompaniesM
  • Long-haul transportation operatorsM
  • GeologistsM
  • Government EmployeesM
  • ProspectorsM

Location Monitoring

  • User Initiated – locates on button pushes
  • Tracking Mode – locates every 10 minutes for 24 hours
  • Working in the oilfield?
  • View PatchMap – Oilfield Maps for Personnel or Fleet vehicles