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Discover how much money you could be saving with Bluefox Tracking Solutions!

Calculate ROI

Improve your Fleet Operations and Save Money

Increasing the efficiency of your vehicles and drivers by monitoring speed, idling, routes, maintenance schedules and timelines allows your business to:

  • Reduced Fuel Costs (know instantly about vehicle speeding, idling and inefficient routes)
  • Increase the life of your vehicles (avoid breakdowns and costly towing with maintenance schedules)
  • Prevent Accidents (monitor speeds and erratic driving that leads to accidents)
  • Reduce Overtime (efficient routes means less fuel and less time)
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction (shorter delivery times = happy customers)

Unauthorized Use Savings

Number of Vehicles

Operating Cost / km


Non-business km / Day / Vehicle

Avg. Business Days / Month

Cost Reduction per Month

Overtime Savings

Number of Drivers

Overtime Rate
(per Hour)


Overtime per Driver / Day

Avg. Business
Days / Month

Overtime Reduction (%)

Potential Savings
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