Fleet Tracking
  • Reduce Costs
  • Increase Productivity
  • Improve Safety

Fleet Tracking Solutions


Tracking fleet activity means driver safety, asset security, cost-reduction and employer efficiency.

Know when your vehicles start their engine, where they are going, how fast, the route they took and more. Keep an eye on idling, speeding, and reckless driving.

Bluefox also keeps track of past trips so you can check your history log at any time.

Daily Trip Report
An example of a Daily Trip Report

Calculate ROI

"We have used the product for 14 months now and we find it very good. Our intention wasn't to spy on drives, it was to manage and dispatch with greater efficiency. Knowing where your fleet of vehicles are at any given time is a big help regarding your organizational process. Some other key benefits we have noticed:

  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Organized route efficiences
  • Tracking memory of where the vehicle was
  • Tracking speed
  • Fast starting
  • Hard stopping
  • Our mechanical cost has dropped for maintaining our vehicles

I believe the investment that was made on the Bluefox Tracking Ssstem was worth the cost savings on the overall operational expense. I would recommend Bluefox to any company that has a fleet of vehicles that are used in a day-to-day business for dispatching products or services."

– Warren Martz, GM T&T Disposal Services